Are You In Door-To-Door Sales? Then this is the
important message you will read this year...

"Discover How Salespeople Close More Sales And Earn More Money Than You - So You Can Too!"


From: Tristan Weatherburn

Location: Just North Of Deep Creek

Subject: Get ‘Streetwise’ in Door-To-Door Sales so you can close more sales and earn more money


Good idea to read this today…


‘Cause I’m about to roll up my sleeves and reveal to you:

“How To Close More Deals In Your Door-To-Door Sales Activity”

(and this isn’t REHASHED training you’ve heard 100 times before)



  • You’re about to discover the ‘streetwise way
  • I’m talking about a way you can make more sales easily
  • This is the same strategy I used to become “top sales consultant in Australia” for 4 different multi-million dollar companies


These ones: Salesforce, Foxtel, LivingSocial and Telstra

Top Sales In Australia


So You Know This Works…

  • You can sell a ton of products to people this way
  • It works with folks from any country, culture or religion
  • So you can do the same thing easily…


Because The Sad Truth Is…

“I was terrible at ‘selling’ when I started”
(when I say I was bad – I mean it was sad to watch)

  • I had doors slammed in my face regularly
  • I had angry people asking me to leave
  • I had the ‘walk of shame’ when I made no sales


When I Started, I had no idea what I was doing…

I remember taking home, sometimes less than $300 a week

Do you remember a time you couldn’t afford to pay bills?

I was living life that way

Sometimes I earned even less
(which meant I couldn’t afford rent)

Sometimes I earned MUCH less
(which meant I couldn’t afford to eat…)

I had people chasing me for money – week to week
Any normal person would have “got a real job”


What About You?
  • How were you in your first few weeks in sales?
  • Did you wander the streets like a lost kid?
  • Are you still having trouble closing that sale!?

It was only when I started doing what I’m about to show you that I started earning over 20 times that (that’s over $6,000.00 a week)


This Is Where Things Get Interesting:

I started selling Pay TV for a company called Foxtel (owned by Fox USA and Telstra Australia). Hey! It seemed like a great thing to sell as they were the biggest Pay TV provider in Australia by far (still are)

I couldn’t have imagined what was going to happen next…


“What Actually Happened Surprised Even
The Most Seasoned Sales Consultants!”

So if you are in door-to-door sales (D2D Sales) hear me out in full

Because I know you get tired of this stuff:


  • Getting shut down by non-buyers (glad you finally left?)
  • Wasting precious time with people (that end up saying no!?)
  • The “I wanna think about it” line (it really means ‘piss off’)


I’m just talking from experience…

The thing is, there are many ways of making sales these days

If your income is based on “commission” in any way – you can probably earn a lot more money…


First, How Much Can You Earn In Sales?

A great salesperson on full-commission (with a great product) can create a higher income than any other profession – hands down

Not $80,000 – $120,000 a year

I’m talking about the elite sales guys earning $300k+ per year…

Sometimes people earn even more – very consistently


Well, they aren’t doctors or lawyers…

They didn’t spend years without an income in a classroom

They also don’t waste 8 hours a day dedicated to capped income

And they don’t have any fancy letters after their name like PhD…


“How much can YOU earn in a year?”


  • Direct Sales is the highest paid skill on the planet
  • You are paid to learn and you earn more as you learn
  • The main difference? Your income has no limits…

If you treat door-to-door sales like a business (hint: nobody does)

You can close enough sales to cover an average wage easily

More than any doctor – if you apply yourself

…and you can do all this without years of “schooling”

Or any time without pay

Right now, in 2014:

People earning the most in most companies – are sales people

The people that top the charts are often pretty simple (yet powerful) ‘commission based’ sales consultants – probably just like you…

I only say ‘simple’ because I am pretty simple myself

But did you also notice?

I also said “Sales Consultant” – instead of “Sales Agent”?

Here’s Why:

Sales Consultants VS Sales Agents
2 Types Of Door-To-Door Sales People

A Sales Agent is your common door-to-door salesperson

Sales Agents are hired by a marketing company and these guys are simply doing their job – that’s how they see it. They DO NOT work for themselves. They do what their “Team Leader” tells them

These guys want sales badly! But they don’t understand how to close sales easily. Some do or say anything to push a sale over the line, which is both unethical and unnecessary

Sales Agents:

  • Work harder
  • Are hired by another company
  • Use traditional methods to chase leads
  • Use caveman persuasion to close sales
  • Have a low close rate (0%-5%)
  • Have a high cancel rate (5%-90%)
  • Earning potential: $0-$1,500 weekly

A Sales Consultant is a highly skilled door-to-door salesperson

This is what you need to become. Consultants are extremely high earners. They often view themselves as a business, and also have a different approach to attract more leads and to close more sales.

Sales Consultants:
Sales Consultant

  • Work smarter
  • Treat this as a business
  • Use modern methods to attract leads
  • Use advanced persuasion to close sales
  • Have a high close rate (5%-90%)
  • Have a low cancel rate (0%-5%)
  • Earning potential: $1,500-$8,000 weekly


Better Questions, Better Answers…

Sales is all about questions… Isn’t it?

(I know you saw what I did there)


Instead of thinking ‘how can I get my next sale’

Consultants already know with certainty, that ‘sales’ are everywhere

So they ask questions like:

  • ‘how can I make more sales in one day?’
  • ‘how can I contact more people in less time?’
  • ‘how can I increase close rates with no extra effort?’
  • ‘how can I duplicate myself to increase sales?’
  • ‘how can I automate my entire sales career?’

The truth is, you are drowning in a sea of opportunity

We are now living in a world with limitless possibilities

You MUST account for this

So how do you see it?

  • Are sales abundant for you – or scarce?
  • Is closing a sale easy for you – or difficult?
  • Can you attract “leads” to your phone – without trying?
  • Can you use the Internet to attract leads and sales – today?

A Sales Consultant doesn’t even rely on knocking doors!

Okay… I’m getting too excited and ahead of myself now…

Let me explain to you what this is all about:

I have created a resource for you

It will give you everything you need to close more sales in the field

I’m talking about:

  • Persuasion Skills
  • Human Sales Triggers
  • Deal-Making Psychological Closes
  • Step-by-step instructions that change the way people feel about you

    (that alone will sky rocket your emotional sales)

    But also…

    I am going to REVEAL how I ended up number one in the country for 4 major companies (something I have NEVER revealed before)

    I’m about to show you EXACTLY how to…

    • Increase commissions (PERSUADE BOSS TO SIGN IT OFF!)
    • Close more sales by getting hot leads to come to you…
    • Persuade more people to buy from you using technology

    This isn’t academic knowledge you learn in a classroom

    (good luck with that)

    This is from REAL experience in the REAL world

    From people that earn more money than anyone else in this industry – because we do it differently – and to make this super easy…

    I’ve put everything you need in this one resource

    I called this course “Streetwise” because it shows you step-by-step how to REALLY make more money in less time with D2D sales…


    D2D “Streetwise” Sales


    D2D “Streetwise” Sales (Usually $234)

    What Is Inside D2D “Streetwise” Sales?
    • What You Were Told
      This “catch-up” is for new salespeople, and gives you a solid direct sales foundation covering all the basics you need to know in order to use advanced strategies
    • What You Weren’t Told
      Many advanced strategies you may not know about. This covers some advance persuasion strategies based on psychological persuasion. Plus, how to present your pitch perfectly
    • Lead Generation
      Knocking doors is NOT the only way to prospect. You need to get people calling your phone immediately, and that is what we cover
    • Objection Handling
      Why objection handling is the real difference in door-to-door. Plus, every generic objection you will hear (and how to handle each one)
    • Tracking Your Results
      What gets measured gets managed. Start tracking your results with our one week tracking method to learn EXACTLY what you need to improve
    • Closing The Sale
      Closing the difficult sales. How to close sales in less time using advanced technique -the better you are at closing the more money you have
    “There is a reason Tristan gets results. He only sells higher quality products and knows the psychology to sell them. If a customer is sitting on the fence he uses reverse psychology. If a customer has an objection he rejects it nicely. If someone rejects the offer he takes it away from them. I f****g love the principles of persuasion in play! You constantly qualify the customer, never the other way around. In life, if you use the psychology in Streetwise you will probably get people seeking your validation but in sales if you use these techniques you will probably become a top earner in your company”

    Heather Lori – VIC, AUS

    “I bought this course last week but I need to write and tell you some results! The team and I average around 2 or 3 sales a day with commissions of $55 which was good…
    …But this week isn’t over and so far I have 24 sales! Woo Hoo!! Feels great and the team is suspicious! I’ll tell some about this course, later, maybe! My new goal is to make more sales than the rest of the team in a week!”

    Sumarah Praine – NJ, USA

    Digital Delivery

    This guide is digitally delivered, which means you gain full access cheaper than the price this course sells for offline. Start using “Streetwise” in minutes for not the usual price of $234 – you get everything for just two monthly payments of just $67. Click the link below:



    “When You Order Today You Also Receive
    D2D Sales Persuasion Video Course – FREE!”

    D2D Persuasion Video Course

    D2D Sales Persuasion Video Course (Usually $247)

    To include everything, this program has 6 modules:

    This course is divided into six main modules:

    D2D Persuasion Video Course Modules 1-3

    Module 1: Scheduled Goal Setting
    • Scheduled Goal Formula
      Leverage your own psychology – so you set unbelievable goals and make sure they happen using persuasion on yourself
    • The REAL reason you never get ahead financially – why your goal setting doesn’t work
    • Use our Sales Goal Calculator to ensure you hit your income goals (with video tutorial)

    Module 2: Pitching Presentations
    • Perfect Pitch Presentation Formula
      Breeze through every sales pitch, effortlessly
    • How to present your pitch to guarantee an increase in your sales conversions – and income
    • Cut down the time it takes for you to pitch (don’t use this and you waste 20% of your day)

    Module 3: Sales Script Psychology
    • My Full Million Dollar Sales Script
      12 pages of text that closed over $1,000,000 in sales – all in just three short months…
    • 21 Step Sales Formula
      A “template” sales presentation you can use that is designed to cover all 21 steps of a successful sales message
    • How To Write Your Own Sales Script
      Making sure you detect needs, hit emotional hot buttons, withdraw objections – with pre-determined trial-closes (so all you do is overcome standard objections and close sales)

    D2D Persuasion Video Course Modules 4-6

    Module 4: Emotion Manipulation
    • How To Pull Stings Of Emotion
      Hint: emotion is the ONLY reason anyone has ever bought from you
    • How to identify which emotional button you need to press (Fear, Anger, Love, Guilt etc..) Plus, how to FLIP emotions to negative triggers… (proven to triple your close rate)
    • Emotional Sales Intelligence Test
      Science has already shown us that people NEED EMOTION in order to make a decision… Why wouldn’t you master this..??

    Module 5: The Objection Handler
    • Exhume Unspoken Objections
      What people tell you and the ‘truth’ are often not the same thing! Discover 3 types of information people tell you naturally – and how to use them to close more sales)
    • The 10 most common standard complaints, objections humans give often – and REAL solutions that work to deal with each one

    Module 6: Closing Sales Psychology
    • Predictable nature of human beings… how you can leverage it to close more sales
    • Non-Directive Therapy Method How to self-close with no direction
    • How to ask for the sale up to 12 times, without being a pushy… (Fact: the more times you ask for the sale, the more sales you make)

    • Stop Working Harder
    • Stop Knocking For Free
    • Stop Getting Frustrated
    • Stop Earning Peanuts
    • Start Working Smarter
    • Start Attracting Customers
    • Start Generating More Sales
    • Start Seeing Results Instantly

    Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

    I know this will work for you, so I’m happy to offer a full (60 day) money back guarantee! If you are not completely convinced this helped you double your income – ask for your money back. That is over 8 weeks to try us out. To ask for a refund (for any reason) simply contact Tristan using our contact page or via email ( – and you can even keep Streetwise as a thank you just for trying us out


    How To Not “SUCK” In Sales

    From: Tristan Weatherburn, 10:22am
    Date: February 2014

    I was in door-to-door sales for years…

    First year – I had no idea

    The last year was very different:

    • I had companies begging me to sell their products
    • I was “Top Sales Consultant In Australia” for big companies
    • I had ‘HOT LEADS’ ringing me daily (often waking up with sales)


    “Finally! These Psychological Triggers Are
    Yours To Explode Your D2D Sales Income!”

    The only reason I quit door-to-door was because this persuasive skill set I am about to give you is too powerful for door-to-door sales…

    Does that sounds like hocus pocus…?

    Think about it, you can only talk to one person at a time, right?

    Don’t get me wrong – I will never quit sales…

    And door-to-door sales is the BEST place to gain experience and test techniques

    You gain valuable sales skills 7 times faster than anyone else

    But after a few years, you may want to upgrade from D2D Sales

    By completing this training, it means you can afford to leave a job behind WITHOUT EVER going to another one….


    Stay in sales, why wouldn’t you??

    But do it for yourself, without a job – without a boss

    (just like I do)

    Only if you want… If you just want a LOT more sales

    You’re in the right place

    Because now – there is more opportunity in D2D than ever before
    Why? Because less people are doing it – customers are relaxed

    I cannot wait to cover “face-to-face persuasion” and “closing sales” with you.. That way, you can close more sales than the people you work around, and they will wonder why

    But also, you’ll increase your ability to attract more leads

    The best way I know how… Using the Internet – so your income truly takes off
    (don’t even worry about this being difficult – I’ll hand you a complete guide)


    “Order Today And You Also Receive
    Get Leads Online – FREE!”

    Get Leads Online

    Get Leads online (Usually $99)

    • How I discovered to attract leads online, for Foxtel
    • This was responsible for leads ringing me every day
    • It was also responsible for 2 sales in my pocket, daily… (that was $280 commissions for each sale)

    With this course you can have more leads coming to you…

    I’ll show you how I attract leads and close sales using the Internet


    “Before You Order, I Want You To FULLY Understand How Powerful This Final Bonus Is…”

    This single idea is responsible for most of my earnings as a consultant

    Plus, ALL my earning ever since…

    These days this is all I do and you could easily too

    You don’t need any more ‘jobs’ in sales

    - you just need to know how to attract and close sales

    …and you can work from anywhere once you leverage the Internet

    Hey – if waking up each day with new people asking to buy from you sounds interesting – I’m handing you an opportunity to put the incredible engine that is the Internet behind your business

    Working for you – 365 days a year – 24 hours a day (can you do that)

    This course usually sells for $99 by itself (and when you consider how much money it can add to your life, it is a steal at that price)

    But “Get Leads Online” will cost you nothing

    Yes, you get it (for free) when you order “Streetwise” today

    “This is an incredible mix of informative strategies and I recommend every door sales rep take a look. After measuring my results I’m wasting less time and talking to more people. This week is my first record. I plan to break my own record each week until I start breaking other records”

    Tommy Helkins – IL, USA

    Need A Coach?

    The truth is, this course is grandma-proof.

    But I’ve learned over the years…

    The best way for me to make sure you get results in sales – is with personal coaching. Nothing beats a conversation with someone getting the results you want – that is what I am offering to you right now

    Many of you know I sell coaching calls for $297

    We can help with anything holding you back in your business. From scripts to closing sales, or getting leads online. Personal coaching takes up our time, so this is a limited-time bonus for Streetwise

    Although optional, our 30 minute sessions help.

    Your coach will go over your goals with you, your personal schedule, and any other assets, strengths, liabilities or limitations you might have right now. Ask any question you like…

    These are people I go to myself, when I need help.

    - This will be 30 minutes on the phone with just you and your coach
    - A coach is someone we know, that is getting results in direct sales
    - Ask anything you like, and you’ll receive straight-up honest answers

    Everything you receive when you order D2D Streetwise today:

    D2D Package Deal

    “What can I say except for a big thanks to you! This guide outperformed what I was expecting and I am glad you have practically handed me a way to make a lot more money in my new career. I have recently moved back into door to door sales after a few years break. This time I am doing it properly and your techniques have made sure that I earn a much higher income than before”

    Michael Callahan – VIC, AUS


    “The secrets to my success was visualizing EXACTLY why I was doing this…”

    For example…

    You should’t create a goal of “I want to earn $10,000 this month”

    Don’t get me wrong – you can earn that money if you know how

    But this type of goal doesn’t usually work

    - even if you print it out and paste it all over your house


    Because $10,000 is NOT an emotional reason

    It will NEVER motivate you…
    (Hint: You cannot even persuade yourself without emotion)

    Even though you want that $10k/month – it still doesn’t work…

    Instead – you must think about WHY you want the $10k

    For me, it was all about travel and freedom…

    I wanted to be able to travel whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted, without having some “Boss” that I had to answer to

    That was my reason, but this is usually different for each person, and probably different for you


    I don’t know what your reason is…

    But I DO know you would be wise to work it out

    Because most people don’t – and never will

    You continue to struggle for years and continue working harder

    But never smarter… And you never seem to get ahead financially

    The sad part?

    You are drowning in a sea of opportunity:

    I mean right now

    If you see the opportunity – you take advantage and get results

    If you don’t see these opportunities – one thing is guaranteed:

    You will continue getting the same results you get now…

    Which might be okay! But ask yourself…


    Do you believe you could close more sales?

    Then you need REAL training from people that get REAL results in the REAL world

    I want you breaking records like I have, you’ll have the same strategy

    I’m so sure you can increase your results, I’m willing to guarantee it

    Click below and within the next minute or so you’ll have access to everything on this page. I know you’ll feel satisfied with your decision and I cannot wait to help you in your sales career:

    Click here to begin

    Talk soon,

    PS: My strategies work for most people – but if you screw this up (or just don’t like my style) I provide a full 60-day money back guarantee